Freelancers Problems

Top 10 Problems Faced by Freelancers and their Solutions

Problems Faced by Freelancers

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and provide services to multiple clients at a time. Freelancers are usually their own boss. They do not have to do any regular desk job. They usually do not need to go to the office. They can earn money at home just by providing different services according to their skills.

No office? No Boss?  Sounds interesting? 

Yes, freelancing is an interesting and easy way to earn money especially for students and freshers and those who are unable to find any job. But as every job has its own benefits and drawbacks freelancing also comes with different types of problems that a person may experience.

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Here we will discuss the problems that freelancers usually experience and will try to find out their solutions so that you will be able to perform your task more efficiently.

Ambiguous Requests

One of the most common problems that freelancers may experience is ambiguous requests. There are some clients that do not elaborate on their needs and goals that lead the freelancer in a state where he is not even sure about what he is expected to do. Such ambiguous assignments usually waste the time of freelancers. Some clients give very direct instructions that usually lack the details. Such projects are difficult for freelancers.


Many people face the problem of ambiguous assignments you can solve this problem by insisting your client to add the details into the instructions. 

You can tell them to clarify what they are expecting from you otherwise you will be redoing the project again and again.

Over Controlling Clients

Some clients try to control you. They want to micromanage assignments by controlling every part of the project. These clients even control the minor details of the assignment and do not trust your ability as a freelancer. Such clients may limit your ability to explore better solutions for the project and to provide superior results.


To solve the micromanaging problem first you should understand why your client is so micromanaging. If you think that he has never worked on such a project before you can help him understand. If he still does not trust you provide him references.

Micromanaging clients are usually afraid that you will work in a completely different direction rather than the direction they have specified. You can deal with this problem by frequently updating your client about your work. This activity also saves your own time and energy.

Communication Gap

For a freelancer communication with the client is the most important thing. A freelancer may get to work with the client who does not understand the importance of communication. Such clients who do not communicate makes the freelancer frustrated.


While dealing with your client, explain to him about your expectations and the type of feedback you need from him.

Low Payment

Some companies try to save their money by taking the services of freelancers for granted. These companies assume that you can do their work for less payment than you deserve as a freelancer.


You should always know your worth. You should be proud of yourself and your work. When companies try to pay you less than what you deserve, you should clear your specified rates. You should respond to the jobs that accept and respects your expected salary range.

Late Payment

Sometimes you feel frustrated when you continuously have to ask for money. A client may provide your money late due to some financial issues or he may refuse to pay you for the services you have provided.


If a client has paid you late in the past, this time ask them money in advance even half the amount of your total payment can be a good option. Clients who have not paid in the past do not trust them anymore.


A freelancer may get through the days when he gets stuck to the laptop completing his projects. You may be unable to do other daily life tasks because you are providing more than enough time for your freelancing projects. 


Focus on all your healthy daily life activities. Schedule your activities and do not just stick to your laptop. Give time to everything and try to manage time to visit places to freshen up your mind. Otherwise, you will feel exhausted.

Sleepless Night

You may face days when you have a lot of work to do, when you do not even get time to sleep. Sleep deficiency can make you prone to other health issues so try not to make it a habit.


Make a proper schedule for your work. Try to finish work within the specified time limit. You can also take a few naps during the daytime. Lack of sleep can also affect your work negatively so you should not take yourself for granted. 

The clients who always complaints

There are many chances for you to meet a client who never gets satisfied no matter whatever you do for him. He will always complain.


Try to focus on your work. Try to meet their expectations and try not to give them any chance of complaining. You can also provide a specified number of revisions to such clients. Do all your efforts but still if it does not work just disengage professionally with the client and invest your time and energy to other clients who at least appreciate your work.

Intrusive Clients

Some clients are so intrusive that they do not understand the boundaries of their professional relationship. These kinds of clients can call you anytime no matter if it’s day or night.


Specify your boundaries. Do not let them communicate whenever they want

Specify the time when you are available for them, if they still try to communicate with you at inappropriate times then do not respond. Different time zones can also cause a problem for you. You can solve it by discussing with the client and by choosing a time that is accessible for both of you.

Bad Reviews

When it comes to criticism, some people are merciless. Bad reviews happen to all of us. As a freelancer, sometimes despite all your efforts you may get bad reviews from your clients because not everyone thinks like you, some people always try to find a reason to complain about.


Do not lose your hope and motivation. Do not overreact because anger will not work for you. As a professional, you need to cool down. Talk to them and ask them politely about your mistakes. Give them an explanation and apologize. Sometimes when you reply to a bad review publicly many visitors see how you responded. In this way, you can also give them the impression that you care for your customers.


Freelancing is a great way to earn money but like other jobs, it also comes with certain problems that a freelancer may experience. The good news is that you have so many expert freelancers who have shared all their bad experiences and their solutions that can help you understand these problems and make your career better. You can always use the best strategies to overcome all the obstacles that you may experience and make a bright future as a freelancer.

If you are a freelancer and getting some problems other than this, so let us know in comment section.

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