Social Media Marketing Course in Pakistan

Social Media Marketing Course in Pakistan

Social Media Marketing Course in Pakistan

Want to know about online social media marketing in Pakistan? Looking to step up your marketing game? If so, then look no further. Because online social media marketing course in Pakistan by Digital Technologist is the best and comprehensive course for you.

The point of difference is that we are not only offering social media marketing course but a complete training so you can learn and practice the best techniques and strategies at the same time.

Importance & Benefits of Social Media Marketing Course in Pakistan

  • Social media marketing is important for communication authority, better engagement, build a brand and grow business cost effectively
  • Most noteworthy, social media is easily reachable which allows you to reach customers directly
  • Social media marketing helps in achieving good rankings to businesses
  • Social media marketing is cost-effective than other advertising platforms.

Start Career as Social Media Marketer in Pakistan

Social Media marketing has become an integral part of a business marketing strategy. This is why businesses/companies cannot ignore social media. Now it is vital for a business to have a strong online presence. So starting a career as social media marketer could be beneficial for you. This social media marketing is one of the highly paid jobs. So if you want to excel in social media marketing then you should know about social accounts management and latest techniques. Then with experience, you will become an expert with time and skills.

Moreover, there are a lot of tools and skills in social media marketing like Facebook advertising, event promotion on YouTube & Instagram, building a strategic network, increasing and engaging followers, profile development, building brand, getting customer feedback and so on. Similarly, a wide range of social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram Twitter, YouTube, Google+ etc. So, many companies focus on 3, 4 platforms mainly to grow their businesses. Therefore, it is guaranteed that you will get a job as Social Media Manager by mastering 3, 4 platforms even.

we would suggest you read the Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan and How it is Beneficial for your Career Growth in Pakistan, you would get a better idea that how this industry is growing in Pakistan and across the globe.

Social Media Marketing course in Pakistan will enable you to learn

To help you learn about Online social media marketing basics and the latest advertisement techniques and strategies. We help you in developing your knowledge and skills for both personal and professional aspect. So, you will have a deep understanding of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter working and strategies! Therefore, you will be able to plan and design your social media campaigns.

Master the social media marketing basics, learn proven strategies and step up your campaigns to get desired results.

The digital technologist has the gurus of digital marketing who will enable you to learn the best practices of social media marketing.

Above all, this course is designed for people of all levels. It means whether you are doing marketing for a company or promoting you’re on products/ page, you will get a clear understanding of each and everything of social media marketing.

Of course, you can get your Social Media marketer Certificated from digital technologist by doing this comprehensive Social media marketing course in Pakistan.

Become Certified Social Media Marketer

The best part is you will get proof in the shape of your Social Media Marketer Certificate upon 100% completion of course. Consequently, you will be ready to start your career as a professional social media marketer.

Hence, you can impress clients with the best social media practices and tools.

Complete Social Media Marketing Course in Pakistan

It’s a complete guide to social media marketing. So, it includes the basics and training of all popular social media channels.

Hence, you will learn about all popular social media platforms in JUST ONE SINGLE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING COURSE IN PAKISTAN. So you can become a Social Media Marketing Expert with this 1 Course only!

What you will learn Social Media Marketing Course in Pakistan

  • How social media platforms work?
  • Understanding different social media channels and which one is best for your business
  • What is a social media marketing strategy?
  • Creating business social media profiles, pages and accounts
  • Designing and running powerful campaigns
  • Setting campaign targets for success
  • Targeting the right audience
  • Testing and analyzing campaigns and metrics
  • Measuring the campaign’s outcome (ROI)
  • Running effective ads on Facebook, promotion on Youtube, marketing on Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Practical Skills you will gain  in the Social Media Marketing Course in  Pakistan

  • Most importantly, you will get comfortable with different social platforms and skills set to apply on different channels.
  • Building a strong online presence of organization/individual
  • How to grow business and sales using social media
  • How to develop and align social media marketing strategies with business objectives
  • What is the target audience and how to reach them
  • How to optimize marketing campaigns for conversions
  • What type of content you should generate
  • How to get more followers and repeat customers

Social Media Marketing Course in Pakistan is designed for

  • Beginners who want to start a career as social media marketers
  • Those who want to learn social media marketing to promote their own profiles and pages.
  • Businesses who want to use the power of social media for business growth
  • Small businesses who want to achieve their goals
  • Influencers and bloggers who need greater exposure
  • Moreover, students who want to earn money by doing some part-time work.
  • Freelancers who want to get more work and customers
  • Marketers who know about one platform but want to become professional social media marketer
  • Anyone handling the social accounts of an organization
  • Above all, anyone interested in marketing

Course Outline – Social Media Marketing Course in Pakistan

Introduction of Social Media Marketing
  • Why is Social Media Marketing?
  • Important?
  • Channels of Social Media Marketing
  • Understanding of Insights of Social Media
  • What Content Should I Share on Social Media?
  • Social Media Management Tools
Facebook & Instagram Marketing & Advertisement
  • Creating, Optimizing, and Protecting Your Facebook Business Page
  • Use a Facebook Personal Profile for Business
  • How to Choose between profiles pages and groups
  • Facebook zero changing news feed what marketers need to know
  • Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ad Types
  • How to Set Up Your Facebook Advertising Account
  • Understanding of Facebook Split Testing
  • Manually Split Test Facebook Ads
  • Campaign Budget Optimization
  • Facebook Detailed (OR vs AND Targeting)
  • What is Facebook pixel?
  • Create and Install Facebook Pixel
  • Use Pixel Information to Capture Events (Standard events – Custom events – Custom conversions)
  • Use the Facebook Pixel for Remarketing/Retargeting Ads
  • Custom Audiences from your website
  • Facebook Campaign Creation for Page Likes
  • What is a Lookalike Audience?
  • How to Create a Lookalike Audiences
  • What is a Relevance Score and Learn to increase it
  • Facebook Audience Insights
  • Facebook Offers and Offer Ads
  • Create Custom Conversions
  • “Click to Call” or “Call Now” Facebook Ads
  • How to Create Lead Ads from Facebook & Instagram
  • Dynamic Ads – GREAT for Ecommerce!
  • Facebook Business Manager – Start a Facebook Ads Business/Agency
  • How to Create Facebook Business Manager Account
  • How to take access to Facebook Pages Personal Account to Business Manager Account
  • Ad Accounts in Business Manager
  • Add an employee to my Facebook Business Manager
  • Twitter Basics & Optimization Twitter Profile
  • Why Twitter – How Twitter Works – What not to at Twitter
  • What to tweet & How to interact with twitter
  • Different ways to Twitter optimize profile
  • Twitter hashtags and Trends
  • Twitter Advertisements and Different types of ads on Twitter
  • Awareness Ads – maximize your reach.
  • Tweet engagements Promote Tweets and get more Retweets, likes, and replies.
  • Followers Campaign – grow your Twitter following.
  • Website clicks Ads and gets more traffic.
  • Twitter Audience Manager & integration of Universal tags
  • Twitter Conversion Tracking & Remarketing
Linkedin Marketing & Advertisement 
  • Create and Optimize your Personal LinkedIn Profile
  • Create a LinkedIn Company Page
  • Linkedin Sponsored Content & Sponsored InMail
  • Linkedin Video Ads & Text Ads
  • Linkedin Dynamic Ads & Carousel Ads
  • Linkedin Display Ads
  • Understanding of Linkedin Conversion Tracking
  • Linkedin Understanding Contact Targeting
  • Lead Generation & Lead Gen Forms
  • Website Demographics & Website Retargeting
  • Account-Based Marketing & Audience Network
Pinterest Marketing & Advertisement
  • Introduction to Pinterest Marketing
  • Buyable Pins and Rich Pins
  • Setting up a Pinterest Business Account
  • Types of Pinterest Ads
  • Pinterest Conversion Tracking
  • Pinterest Tags & Events
  • Pinterest Ads – Create Amazing Pins for Promoted Pins
  • Pinterest Audiences Management
  • Understanding of Pinterest Analytics

Who can join the Social Media Marketing Course in Pakistan

  • No Age Restriction
  • Any gender can join
  • No formal education required (basic English and computer skills required)

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