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Online Digital Marketing Course in Urdu/Hindi 2020

Abdul Hafeez Trainer Profile

Mr. Abdul Hafeez provides an Online Digital Marketing Training Course at Digital-Technologist, and Google Ads Certified. He is surefooted, articulate and tech-savvy Digital Marketing Trainer.

He is an expert in Digital Media Advertising, Digital Marketing Strategy, Pay per Click Advertisement, Web Traffic Management, E-Mail Marketing Management, Re-marketing and Web Analytics.

Abdul Hafeez Completed MBA – Marketing from University of Karachi, Pakistan, and served different companies in Pakistan, then after he moved from Pakistan to Saudia Arabia, Currently serving in one of the Media Publishing Company as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Abdul Hafeez has a charismatic personality as well as exceptional work ethic and the entrepreneurial spirit to manage his works.

Online Digital Marketing Training Course

Abdul Hafeez loves to provide online digital marketing training especially growing business entrepreneurs and students in Pakistan, India, Dubai, and Saudia, those are struggling to make their digital presence on the internet.

He helps them in making digital marketing strategy formulation in order to produce a high-quality deliverable that is on time, within scope, and on budget.

He drives highly effective digital marketing campaigns and integrating strategies, creativity, innovation, and technology in order to get high-end business growth and built profitable embark.

Besides that, He makes his professional life busier and start blogging on digital-technologist to share his knowledge with the new learner and provide quality content particularly in Hindi and Urdu Language.

His Complete Online Digital Marketing Course especially for those wethers they want to grow their own online business or become a Digital marketing expert in this growing professional,  this course is for all the students, it has 50+ video tutorials, marketing templates, and learning resources, those who have a passion for learning digital marketing they can easily register in this course and can learn.

If anyone who wants to enhance career and grow their online business? According to modernized Digital world. If his answer is “Yes”.

They have Great Choice to enroll in my Complete Online Digital Marketing Course.

In “Online Digital Marketing Course“, he has covered all important elements of Digital marketing, includes, SEO, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and more!

Why Online Digital Marketing Training Course is best?

My Basic aim to provide awareness for those students who are planning and a newbie in this arena. I would not recommend you to go for any digital marketing academy and institution unless you are not familiar with basic understandings of digital marketing.

Once I put my all-time on upgrading this course, so my time has value, so this is the right time to enroll in this course and get full advantage.

Best Digital Marketing Course in Karachi Course reviews

Best Digital Marketing Course in Karachi Course reviewsBest Digital Marketing Course in Karachi Course reviewsDigital Marketing Course reviews

Digital Marketing Course in Karachi

Why Should Register in Online Digital Marketing Training Course?

  • A very small amount to buy this very best digital marketing course training in urdu/hindi of 2020 .
  • Watch Videos whenever you have time your home or office
  • No Previous knowledge required for taking this course, it starts from scratch.

What Will You Learn in this Course in Online Digital Marketing Training Course

  • In-Depth Overview Of Marketing – Digital Marketing – Digital Advertising.
  • Web Marketing Essentials as per AIDA.
  • Measure your campaign performance by Digital Marketing Performance Indicators.
  • Guidance for Search Engine Presence & Stability.
  • Take your Business into the next level of Digital Advertisement.
  • Take a decision on the basis of Website Analytics.

Basic Online Digital Marketing Course in Urdu/Hindi Course Outlined

This Course has 32 plus video lectures, and the language, of the course, is Urdu/Hindi.

Section #1 – Introduction to Marketing & Digital Marketing

  • Marketing – Advertisement & Why Marketing?
  • Digital Marketing & Channels of Digital Marketing

Section #2 – Website Essentials

  • Types & Kinds of Website
  • Reasons for Creating a website

Section # 3 – Digital Marketing Performance Metrics

  • Impressions – Reach – Frequency Capping
  • What are CPC and CPM
  • Conversion and Conversion Rate
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Engagement Rate

Section # 4 – Search Engine Optimization (Seo)

  • Introduction of Seo & Benefits of Seo
  • Seo Tips and Tricks

Section # 5 – Paid Search Advertisement (PPC)

  • Introduction to Paid Search Advertisement
  • Difference between Search Query and Keywords
  • Keywords Research PlannerTool 2020
  • Paid Search Campaign Creation & Keywords Match
  • Text Ad Creation in Google Ads 2020

Section # 6 – Social Media Marketing

  • Introduction of Social Media Marketing
  • Intro to Facebook Ads & Campaign Creation for Page Likes
  • Intro to Twitter & Types of Twitter Ads
  • Twitter campaign creation for followers
  • Why Instagram Ads and How to Put Paid Ads on Instagram
  • Why LinkedIn – LinkedIn Ad Types
  • LinkedIn Paid Advertisements

Section # 7- Online Display Advertisement

  • Introduction to Online Display Advertisements
  • Creation of Display Advertisement on Specific Websites
  • Google Ads 2020 – Creation of Display Advertisement on In-Market Audience

Section # 8 – Online Video Advertisements ( Youtube)

  • Introduction to Video Advertisements
  • Creation of YouTube Advertisement by using Google Ads 2020

Section # 9 – Introduction to Landing Page

  • Understanding of Landing Page
  • Importance of Landing Page
  • Successful Components of Landing Page

Section # 10 – Lead Generation Marketing

  • What is Lead Generation
  • How to Create Lead Ads from Facebook & Instagram
  • How to Create Lead Ads from LinkedIn

Section # 11 – Website Analytics – Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics Overview
  • How to Connect Google Analytics with Website
  • Verify your Analytics Code

Cost of this Course Rs 15000/-

Now Rs 5000/- For Todays.

If you want to Buy this Course 

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