Online Digital Marketing Course for Beginner

Digital Marketing Course for Beginners in Karachi Pakistan

Digital Marketing Course for Beginners in Karachi Pakistan

Our 3 Weeks Online Digital Marketing Course for Beginners takes you through the most important parts you need to understand about Digital Marketing and why you should be starting your career in Digital Marketing.

Start your Online Digital Marketing journey today. Digital marketing skills are highly in demand in Karachi and across Pakistan because the use of the internet is increasing.

If I would say online digital marketing is offering 10 times more opportunities than any other field, then I may be not wrong. Because it is not a specific task that anyone can master or complete in some days. It is a vast field and yes it’s not easy too.

By learning and understanding digital marketing and trends, you can:

  • Make your Online Business Presence
  • Take your business to Next Level 
  • START your career in Growing Industry in Pakistan
  • HELP clients boost their business

Digital Marketing Course for Beginners

Benefits of Online Digital Marketing Course for Beginners in Karachi Pakistan

Businesses now understand the importance of online presence and power of social media channels.

Due to this, every company whether it is small, medium or large sized is focusing on digital marketing to cope with the digital era. So the demand for digital marketers is high in Karachi as well as Pakistan.

Some of the popular digital marketing jobs include SMM, SEO experts, Social media managers, Google Adwords experts, business marketing strategists and many more.

The best thing is by mastering 2 or 3 areas, as a result, you can secure a great job opportunity in digital marketing in Karachi.

This is a 100 % Practical Course – So be sure to get the Real-Time Hands-On Experience from the Marketing Guru!

Course Outlined – Online Digital Marketing Course for Beginners in Karachi Pakistan

Section #1 – Introduction to Marketing & Digital Marketing

  • Marketing – Advertisement & Why Marketing?
  • Digital Marketing & Channels of Digital Marketing
  • Digital in 2018 Global Overview
  • Download Digital Marketing Tool Kit for Startups

Section #2 – Website Essentials

  • Types & Kinds of Website
  • Reasons for Creating a website
  • Download Website Redesign and Budget Template

Section # 3 – Digital Marketing Performance Metrics

  • Impressions – Reach – Frequency Capping
  • What are CPC and CPM
  • Conversion and Conversion Rate
  • Click Through Rate
  • Engagement Rate

Section # 4 – Search Engine Optimization (Seo)

  • Introduction of Seo & Benefits of Seo
  • Seo Tips and Tricks
  • SEO Check List 2018

Section # 5 – Paid Search Advertisement (PPC)

  • Introduction to Paid Search Advertisement
  • Difference between Search Query and Keywords
  • Keywords Research PlannerTool 2018
  • Google Adwords 2018 – Paid Search Campaign Creation & Keywords Match
  • Text Ad Creation in Google Ads 2018
  • Download PPC Campaign Toolkit

Section # 6 – Social Media Marketing

  • Introduction of Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Ad Sizes Cheat Sheet 2018
  • Facebook Campaign Creation for Page Likes
  • Types of Twitter Ads & Twitter campaign creation for followers
  • Why Instagram Ads and How to Put Paid Ads on Instagram
  • Why LinkedIn – LinkedIn Ad Types and LinkedIn Paid Advertisement
  • Social Media Advertising Budget Template

Section # 7- Online Display Advertisement

  • Introduction to Online Display Advertisements
  • Most Common Display Advertisement Sizes

Section # 8 – Online Video Advertisements ( Youtube)

  • Introduction to Video Advertisements
  • Creation of YouTube Advertisement by using Google Ads 2018

Section # 9 – Introduction to Landing Page

  • Understanding of Landing Page
  • Importance of Landing Page
  • Successful Components of Landing Page

Section # 11 – Website Analytics – Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics Overview
  • How to Connect Google Analytics with Website
  • Verify your Analytics Code
  • Important KPIs to measure Website Growth

Once you have done this Online Digital Marketing Course for Beginners that you should be moving to our Complete Online Digital Marketing Course in Karachi Pakistan.

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