Make Money Online in Pakistan with Digital Marketing

Do You Want to Make Money Online in 2020? 12 Best Ways Explained

How to Make Money Online in Pakistan with Digital Marketing?

Before discussing how we can make money online in Pakistan with digital marketing?

My sincere advice is that you will get thousands of answers and suggestions in Pakistan to make money online, as a growing nation we always looking to get the formula to be the millionaire in one night, what we discussed these ways does not make you the millionaire  in a single night, once you developed the skills in yourself these ways can make you the emblemed of success my recommendations to you that focus to make your skills in your self and first invest your self and then make money online in Pakistan with digital marketing skills.

Now, It is necessary to know about digital marketing itself

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the online promotions of businesses, their brands and products and services using a digital medium such as social media, websites, YouTube, blogs, digital billboards, etc. Hence we can say that digital Marketing is a way to market or sell your products or services online using digital avenues like search engines, online ads and social media.

It is an online marketing activity where sellers can display or advertise their products or services online and where the buyers can buy those products or services using the same platform.

Digital Marketing allows reaching customers directly through digital channels.

These digital channels help in linking consumers with sellers and facilitate one to one communication among the businesses and customers.

Digital marketing is now become a cheaper way of promotional crusade designed for their businesses and products, creating it the entire extra viable for them to utilize it like the only way of marketing at the present.

That has led to higher demands for skilful digital marketing experts universally in every industry since everybody has realized its true potential.

Make Money Online in Pakistan with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in Pakistan is in high demand in 2019 because Pakistan is enjoying development and high-rise in this field.

If I would say digital marketing is offering 10 times more opportunities than any other filed, then I may be not wrong. Because it is not a specific task that anyone can master or complete in some days. It is a vast field and yes it’s not easy too.

Read out about Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan

digital marketing trends in Pakistan

Ways to Make Money Online in Pakistan with Digital Marketing

These days everyone is sick of 9-5 jobs and prefer to work from home with comfort using digital marketing that is a very good sign for our country economy.

Because many professional digital marketers are earning about 8-10 lakhs per month from their websites. And all such comforts are not possible with even any your dream job.

There are so many methods to earn money with Digital marketing using different digital skills to excel in this field.

There are two ways to make money online with Digital Marketing.

  1. Offline Method to Make Money with Digital Marketing
  2. Online Method to Make Money Online with Digital Marketing 

Offline Methods to Make Money in Pakistan with Digital marketing

Get a Job to Make Money in Pakistan with Digital Marketing

This is considered easy to find companies that are employing people for digital marketing and development roles on i.e. LinkedIn,, indeed, Naukri, etc.

In Pakistan, a lot of companies are posting such jobs each day, just contact them personally along with your power and command in digital marketing and in which way can you assist their industry to grow.

You Can Work as an Employee of a company. As every business or company in Pakistan needs a Digital Marketer who can drive leads and sales their products or services.

There are multiple channels where you can choose from SEO, PPC, SEM, Email Marketing, building Funnels and has more than 40+ Designations:

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Expert
  • SEO Executive
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Writer etc.

digital marketing jobs trends in Pakistan

Open A Digital Marketing Consulting Agency To Make Money in Pakistan

In Pakistan, This is one of the most rewarding and low-risk businesses to make money with digital marketing. You just have to look for a company whom you can assist through digital marketing.

Look into their websites, discover loopholes and create a solution for enhanced SEO, PPC, Content, etc. Write a personalized email and send it to co-founders of that website.

If you spend enough time to investigate and study about them then display the importance of your capability and skill. In the end, you will definitely catch them as a customer on monthly payment.

Become A Digital Marketing Trainer in Pakistan

Colleges, startups and corporate, all have understood the value of digital marketing in Pakistan and people are now looking to learn digital marketing to expand their businesses and willing to make a career in digital marketing, you can leverage your skill in the digital market and carry out workshops and training across Pakistan. This is the way we can make money online with digital marketing.

Open a Digital Marketing Institute/Academy

You can make money online with digital marketing by opening some digital marketing institute or academy in Pakistan. Through which you can offer different courses to the learner like us, we are providing complete digital marketing course in Karachi Pakistan with one to one sessions.

Online Methods to make money online in Pakistan with Digital marketing

Some of the quick and popular ways to make money online in Pakistan with digital marketing are given as follows

  • Make Money Online with Freelancing in Pakistan
  • Make Money Online with Blogging in Pakistan
  • Make Money Online with Social Media Marketing
  • Become an Online Course Trainer
  • Utilize your SEO Skills to Make Money Online with Digital Marketing
  • Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan
  • Make Money Online with Mobile Marketing
  • Make Money Online with Publishing E-Books
  • Make Money Online with YouTube in Pakistan

Make Money Online with Freelancing in Pakistan

“Sale Your Digital Marketing Skills As A Freelancer”

You want to work on your own as a freelancer online. Then you will need one or all these platforms to market your skills to potential customers. Register on any of them; make your profile as professional as possible. Include all skills that will help you get found amidst thousands of users using the websites.  Also, offer something unique that could attract more customers to you;

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr

Make money online in Pakistan with digital marketing is now a growing source of income via shopping, social interaction, news and entertainment.

Consumers are now aware of not only what you said your brand is but what the media, relatives, colleagues, friends etc. say also, and they possibly believe them compared to you.

People prefer a brand that can be trusted, a marketer that knows them well, communications that are personalized, relevant and deals that meet your needs and desires.

As a digital marketer, you need to understand the nuances of the new web model and how to put some perspective on how it looks to advantage. 

Freelancing is among the peak lifestyle choice during the 21st century.  

To make money online in Pakistan with digital marketing as a freelancer you can choose the following Platforms.

Freelancing websites of Pakistan

Global Freelancing Websites

Make Money Online with Blogging in Pakistan

Make Money Online in Pakistan, and you have not heard the word of blogging, it is not possible, because blogging in Pakistan now it is a word of town, because many bloggers in Pakistan are making thousands of Dollars.

Check it out Top 5 Popular Pakistani Bloggers and their Monthly Income

In my opinion, the word “blogging” has changed with the passage of time. Obviously, blogging is sort of writing important content is strong till now and lots of more continue to hop on the blogging train.

 I recommend you to make a blog about your hobby, type of thing you really care about. Using this approach, you will never ever find yourself tired of the process.

As a blogger, you have abundant chance to make money with digital marketing. Here are some popular ways to make money with blogging:

  • Monetize with Ads
  • Sell Private Ads
  • Include Affiliate Links in Your Content
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Sell physical products on your blog
  • Become a Marketing Influencer

Although the most accepted network for placing such types of ads is Google Ad Sense. Using this program, you do not need to be in direct contact with advertisers; you just place the banner on your site, Google chooses ads relevant to your content, and your viewers click on the ads.

Make Money Online with Social Media Marketing

It is another way to make money online in Pakistan with digital marketing. Social media marketing has a lot of unexplored potentials and a wide demographic to be explored.

A person can post a marketing promotion on his social media account,  and earn money with this digital marketing skill or the numeral promotions posted in his account and a large number of views is getting from your friends and the success rate of your campaign will ensure you profitable money making online with digital marketing.

You can also contribute via a post on social media on this topic. How to make money online with digital marketing skills to pull more views and utilize those view to promote the product.

There are lots of opportunities to make money with social media more than you think. In fact, social media could be quite profitable.

Social media is a vast and very huge platform because millions of people are following it.

You can employ this platform and earn money with digital marketing in a legal method. That is only possible through social marketing and strategy of sale.

You most likely assume that you have thousands of followers on your social media to make good money, but all this is not necessary. 

Many specialists say that social media is just for connecting with other people, and not for the selling purposes, but at a certain point, you’re going to influence all the connections you have to build.

If you’ve developed enough trust among your followers, the more they will incline to check out the suggestions and links shared by you.

But first of all, you have to build your profile on social media that should be attractive equally to your followers and possible clients.

Here’s how to do that.

  • Promote affiliate products
  • Sell your own products
  • Market your skills
  • Become a social media manager

Want to know about online social media marketing? Looking to step up your marketing game? If so, then look no further. Because online Social Media Marketing Course in Karachi by Digital Technologist is the best and comprehensive course for you.

Become an Online Course Trainer

If you have any sort of skill (carpentry, photography, graphic design, computer programming, etc.) or any kind of hobby (drawing, playing the piano, baking, yoga, etc.), you can be taught that skill to the people who know little as compared to you.

There is no need to be an ‘expert’ or ‘guru’ to teach about what you know to somebody that wishes to learn. You don’t even have to have teaching experience. That is the most amazing thing regarding being a victorious online teacher – the majority of them are merely normal people who like talking about things they love.

Some of them are popular online courses platforms:

Utilize your SEO Skills to Make Money Online in Pakistan with Digital Marketing

SEO has a very vital scope in Pakistan, It is not possible to make money online in Pakistan without viewers, and search engine optimization (SEO) can bring about millions of visitors to your website.

Search engine optimization is a way of drawing quantity and quality of traffic to your website, and attaining a high rank in different search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google etc.

It is the process of optimizing websites for search engines. SEO professional helps to optimize the website pages with the most searched keyword and key phrases to ensure maximum visibility of the website.

In this way, you will be able to make money with digital marketing via constructing links or via writing search engine optimization content. That is written by the aim of pulling search engine traffic.

There are different ways to categorize your SEO to make money.

  • Give hourly online consulting to clients
  • Sell online courses about SEO
  • Sell SEO writing services
  • Sell SEO Micro Services

Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan

Affiliate marketing is not a popular method to make money online in Pakistan as compared to other online money making methods.

But we should be thankful for some local business they have started their affiliate marketing and give a chance to make money online in Pakistan.

There are businesses that pay you for customers you refer. Similarly, there are websites who pay you commissions or affiliate fees for referring them a customer.

If you refer someone who makes a purchase on Amazon.

Then Amazon through its affiliate program will pay you a certain amount of commission.

This type of making money with digital marketing is based on the weight of one’s recommendations.

Unlike other digital marketing ways, affiliate marketing is comprised of the individual to individual recommendations.

If you suggest a product to your friend then he /she utilize the link provided by you to buy the product at that time you would get a commission from that sale. This is called affiliate marketing.

This is the oldest type of digital marketing. Many online e-commerce giants have successful affiliate marketing programs. It is also called referral marketing.

This affiliate marketing way you can set a bond with a company. You recommend link and this is the way how to make money online with digital marketing to trade its commodities through your recommended link and be paid commission for each product sold through your link.

There are the following examples of affiliate marketing programs in Pakistan and Global.

Affiliate Marketing Programs in Pakistan

Global Affiliate Programs

Make Money Online with Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a modern means to make money online in Pakistan with digital marketing.

It is a lately emerged style for an online way to make money in Pakistan with digital marketing. There are various ways of mobile marketing including:

SMS marketing – In this way marketing is made by SMS. Before the emergence of the internet era, the products used to be advertised in this manner.

Push notifications – this was initiated by Apple in 2009 and this was substituted by google cloud messaging service afterwards in 2013. Push notification is not anything but the message that pops on the mobile screen the onlooker can see the message in a single tap.

App-based marketing – It is among the latest trends to make money online with digital marketing. The developers assist the product to get the highest visibility within the app store. Development of a mobile app has to turn out to be a profitable method to make money in Pakistan with digital marketing.

In-game mobile marketing – while playing online games we see a large number of pop up ads. If you click upon them they take to the third party website insisting the user to purchase or download the app or game.

Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone. Hence, it could be a very satisfying way to make money online in Pakistan with digital marketing via mobile marketing.  You can present your own skills and services to generate and send bulk SMS to a large number of contacts. It is a very feasible option for limited area entrepreneurs to expand their business.

Make Money Online with Publishing E-Books

There are following platforms where a person can sell its personally written e-books online. Publishing e-books is another way to make money online in Pakistan with digital marketing.

It is a place to sell e-books through the internet. You can employ their vast tools to generate a cover for your own e-book. And compose it an ideal e-one which be able to sell online easily.

This website gives you a chance to create your own e-book shop online and sell your e-books to worldwide customers.

You can start selling your e-books by uploading them to which is a very nice platform for selling e-books, payment is paid via Paypal.

Make Money Online with YouTube in Pakistan

In Pakistan, we have a long list of YouTubers those are making money online in Pakistan with Digital marketing skills.

YouTube is not only a great source for videos but also is the second most used search engine.

It has 490 million users globally per month, with expected 92 billion views on the page each month. YouTube via AdSense shares income makes through YouTube videos along with the person who uploaded it.

The more views your video gets more the money you make.

Create engaging, entertaining and sharing knowledge based YouTube videos and upload it on your own YouTube channel, so that your YouTube channel has more subscriptions. – the largest video sharing site for making money with your videos.

This isn’t an easy means to make money Online in Pakistan with digital marketing by anyway.

YouTube anticipate you to put a positive bit of effort earlier than you become eligible for the YouTube Partnership Program.

Eligibility Criteria for the YouTube Partnership Program

  • YouTube Partnership Program must be present in your country.
  • You have over 4,000 watch hours in the preceding year
  • You have more than 1,000 subscribers
  • Your created content meets the YouTube Partner Program policies
  • You have linked an approved AdSense account

Final thoughts about Make Money Online in Pakistan with Digital Marketing Skills

These are just some of the many ways you can make money online in Pakistan with digital marketing; there are plenty of other opportunities for you to explore. It’s important to remember that making money online with digital marketing isn’t necessarily easy. If you think, you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you are eager to work hard, then test and experiment with your skill. Your probability of success will be far more than chances success of those who merely desire to “give it a try” to observe what happened.

Have you been making money online in Pakistan with Digital marketing skills? Let me know in the comments below.

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