Youtube Retargeting

Quick Steps to increase your Youtube Channel Subscribers

For Re-targeting and re-marketing, we heard lot of time that once you go any website and spend some time  and after that you close the website and start with normal browsing and may be you are searching the same website, so then first website you visited they saved your browser cookie, and start you ads regarding what page you visited there, so now you are able to re-target your YouTube subscribers in many options, Google ads formerly Google ads, leverage you to re-target your subscribers, who watched your video, and so on, you can build lots of list based on your requirements.

So let’s learn how we can re target our visitors, in order to increase our YouTube channel subscribers.

In the 1st step, you need have a Google ad-words account, it is very easy to create only required your Gmail id.

2nd Step: Once you setup Google ads account, see on the top left and click on the tools and find audience manager.

Youtube Retargeting


3rd Step: It will give you options to select the platform and make a list of remarketing people, select youtube users. (People who interacted with your YouTube Channel or Videos).

Youtube Retargeting - Steps

4th Step: First, Link your YouTube Channel, and click to link a Channel.

Youtube Retargeting step-3

5th Step: If you have more than one account on YouTube, then you will asked to which channel you want

to add.

Youtube Retargeting step-4

6th Step: Simple pastes your channel Url and select that you own this channel or you need to have right to manage this channel.

Youtube Retargeting step-6

Step 7th : Now go in the YouTube Channel Creator Studio, and find the request that you need to be approved for linking the Google Ads, it shows that you are the actual owner or manager of the channel.

Youtube Retargeting step-7

Step 8th: Once you linked your YouTube Channel with Google Ads, come again on Google Ads dashboard and selected below mention options.

Youtube Retargeting

9th Step: this time you will be landed to this page in order to create list of members which you want to target, you have many options use as per your requirements, then click create.

Youtube Retargeting step-10

10th step:  Your Retargeting has been created, and you have linked your YouTube channel with Google ads, and come on the Campaign tab and create new campaign.

Youtube Retargeting

11th Step:  Select your campaign goal according to your requirements, or you can continue with out a goal.

Youtube Retargeting

12th Step: In your campaign creation page, in audience section, you need to selection remarketing option for further targeting the YouTube channel list, which you created.

Youtube Retargeting

13th Step: Once you selected the retargeted list, go down and create your ads for your retargeted list, make separate ad group for different video ad formats and measure your add performance, and continue.

Youtube Retargeting


If you re-target your channel viewers, there is certain chance that your viewers will come again and watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.



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