Facebook Marketing Course of 2021 in Pakistan

Advanced Facebook Marketing Course of 2021 in Pakistan

In our Facebook Marketing Course, you are going to learn advance facebook advertising techniques and strategies.

This course will help to enhance your career in digital marketing as well as boost your online business performance by correct using of facebook advertisements.

What You Will Learn

By using advanced technology everyone can run their business easily by learning Facebook marketing. This course is especially designed to provide everyone an opportunity to enhance their Facebook marketing skills and to help them grow their business using Facebook. Through this course, you will learn different ways to use Facebook as a marketing tool.

This course will help to enhance your knowledge about :

  • Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ad Types
  • How to Set Up Your Facebook Advertising Account
  • Understanding of Facebook Split Testing
  • Manually Split Test Facebook Ads
  • Campaign Budget Optimization
  • Facebook Detailed Targeting (OR vs AND Targeting)
  • What is Facebook pixel?
  • Create and Install Facebook Pixel
  • Use Pixel Information to Capture Events (Standard events – Custom events – Custom conversions)
  • Use the Facebook Pixel for Remarketing/Retargeting Ads
  • Custom Audiences from your website
  • Facebook Campaign Creation for Page Likes
  • What is a Lookalike Audience?
  • How to Create a Lookalike Audiences
  • What is a Relevance Score and Learn to increase it
  • Facebook Audience Insights
  • Facebook Offers and Offer Ads
  • Create Custom Conversions
  • “Click to Call” or “Call Now” Facebook Ads
  • How to Create Lead Ads from Facebook & Instagram
  • Dynamic Ads – GREAT for Ecommerce!
  • Facebook Business Manager – Start a Facebook Ads Business/Agency
  • How to Create Facebook Business Manager Account
  • How to take access to Facebook Pages Personal Account to Business Manager Account
  • Ad Accounts in Business Manager
  • Add an employee to my Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Marketing Course in Pakistan is ideal for

Bloggers, influencers, public figures, entrepreneurs and career changers who want to learn freelancing skills

  • Small business owners who want to sell their products and to bring organic traffic to their site and maximize ROI.
  • Students who want to work as a freelancer in the Facebook marketing niche.
  • Online Marketers who want to grab attention and make money through online networks.
  • Newbies, who want to start Facebook marketing but don’t know from where to take the start.
  • Freshers and job seekers with a low budget.

Importance of Facebook Marketing in Pakistan

Do you know the unemployment rate in Pakistan is nearly 5.90 %? It is difficult for freshers to find a job but fortunately, Pakistan is providing a lot of opportunities and platforms for people who want to run their online business. Facebook marketing is one of the important fields that is helping a lot of people in Pakistan in increasing organic traffic to their sites hence, increasing opportunities for people in Pakistan to take their business to a higher level.

Do you know?

92.07%  of all internet users use Facebook.

Facebook has approximately 42 million business pages out of which several thousands of Facebook pages belonging to Pakistanis. 

Now let’s discuss 

Benefits of Facebook Marketing Course

Helps in reaching your preferred audience:

Facebook marketing is an important source to reach your exact audience. You can target anyone according to your preferred age ranges, demographics, locations or languages.

Helps to boost traffic to your site:

Facebook marketing is important because it is the fastest way to promote your business and to drive traffic to your site.

Helps in promoting your brand:

It plays an important role in building awareness of your brand. You can promote your brands by advertising them on Facebook where people are more likely to purchase your products when they are more familiar with your brand.

Cost Friendly:

Boosting your website traffic can be done through multiple sources but Facebook is cost-friendly and most beneficial. You can use just $5 to reach 4,000 people which is quite cheap if we compare it to other sources.

Helps to drive sale and ROAS :

Through Facebook Marketing, you can drive revenue, success, and ROAS with time and experience.

Helps to work as a freelancer

Facebook Marketing Course

Our Facebook Advertising Course helps freelancers to enhance their skills and can work in a new venture for getting new clients.

If you have Facebook marketing skills you can work as a freelancer where you will be your own boss with a lot of freedom and flexibility than a regular desk job.

After learning the Facebook marketing skills you can start your work as a freelancer on many websites such as; FIVERR, UPWORK, GURU, INDEED  and many more that help you to enhance your skills and make money at home even without any regular job.

It takes time to learn freelancing skills but with our FACEBOOK MARKETING COURSE, you can easily learn the skills in a very short period of time and will be able to explore your skills through working on different projects as a freelancer.

Now let’s discuss the scope and career of Facebook marketing after taking the course

Scope Facebook Marketing Course in Pakistan

With rising technology, the marketing world is evolving and now you don’t need to practice traditional marketing to reach your customers through radio, TV ads, newsprint advertisements, etc.

Facebook marketing is a highly paid career. The wide growth in Facebook Marketing course is proof of wide possibilities in this field.

Facebook marketing has a wide scope as it enables you to promote your business through the fastest and reliable means.

After taking the Facebook Marketing Course you will be able to create, run and promote your own Facebook business pages and you will be able to attract organic traffic to your site and is the best way to shape your career in Digital Marketing.

After completing the course you can work as an intern for time being, and later with the experience, you can join a company as a social media marketer where your main task will be running paid task on different social media platforms.

How Can it Help in Growing your Business 

You can use Facebook ads to help your business grow.

Let’s discuss how can it help you in promoting your business

  • Facebook ads if used effectively are valuable sources of growing your business.
  • Facebook advertisements can produce a great ROI in a very short period of time.
  • Through Facebook ads, you can boost traffic to your site that serves as a plus point for the growth of your business.
  • Facebook advertisements can be used to target your ideal audience according to your preferences and can bring quality leads for your business.
  • Through Facebook ads, you can let people know about your new business launches.
  • It helps your potential customers to know about your new releases and it boosts the reach of your content.
  • Facebook ads are helpful for you to promote your small business according to your desired budget.

Now the question is who can take the course??

Fortunately, anyone can take this course because there is:

  • No age restriction
  • No gender preference
  • And No formal education or previous knowledge required to take the course.

We are also offering a Social Media Marketing Course and Digital Marketing Course that will help you to learn about social media marketing in Pakistan. It’s a comprehensive course that will help you to learn and boost your skills in the social media marketplace.

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