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How Digital Marketing is Beneficial for your Career Growth & Digital Marketing Scope in Pakistan

Digital Marketing Scope in Pakistan

Digital Marketing Scope in Pakistan is in high demand in 2020 because Pakistan is enjoying development and high-rise in this field.

In Pakistan, several digital marketing firms have created jobs for skilled marketers and freelancers.

Many people ask me about digital marketing scope in Pakistan. It is a common question that people ask. It will be a long discussion because it’s a very vast field. Here, I am going to roughly answer this question in my perspective. I will share the scope of digital marketing which I have found and still using to excel in my career.

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If I would say digital marketing is offering 10 times more opportunities than any other filed, then I may be not wrong. Because it is not a specific task that anyone can master or complete in some days. It is a vast field and yes it’s not easy too.

It revolves around digital things and we know digital keep updating. So, it takes some time to get expertise and skills in this. but if you have an interest in digital marketing and trending things then surely you will master this field.

A lot of people start their businesses, startups and institutes every day. Now every new startup, the business understands the importance of social media and digital marketing. So, they either try to get leads from the internet to get more exposure. Whereas some try to get more sales with more customer engagement.

Here comes the role of a digital marketer. Because not everyone knows how to reach their target audience. So businesses look forward to freelancers / digital marketers for business digitalization.

In this way, you can help the brands by mastering digital marketing. If you check the freelancer platforms such as Fiver, people per hour and you will see hundreds of brands looking for digital marketers. These platforms are good for starting your career.

Try to build a good relationship with your customers by doing your best. Eventually, some 5- 10 good customers will be enough to make a decent earning.

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Now let’s have a brief on the advantages of a digital marketing Scope in Future

Various employment opportunities

First and foremost, there are various job opportunities for digital marketers. Because digital marketing scope in Pakistan is increasing day by day.

The graph below shows the rise of the digital marketing scope in Pakistan. It means more businesses are joining the online bandwagon.

digital marketing scope in Pakistan

digital marketing scope & jobs trends in Pakistan

So this second graph shows the increase in digital marketing jobs in Pakistan. it means job opportunities are increasing day by day, similarly digital marketing scope.


Another great advantage in this field is more flexible than in other fields. It has so many sub-branches like social engine, marketing, Adwords, Facebook advertising, email marketing etc. You can master one, two or more field instead of getting skills of all its domains. You can switch between those domains and earn a decent salary.

Higher paid profile

Yes, it is true highest paid profiles also belong to this field. But it does not magic that anyone does a digital marketing course and becomes a high paid. But yes with the experience and gaining skills can help you reach this goal.

Digital Marketing Scope in Pakistan your Growing Career

What skills required to start a Career in Digital Marketing?

Here, I have listed some of the digital marketing in great detail. So you can get a clear picture of skills that you need to get hired in that specific domain.

Understanding of Marketing & Digital Marketing:

But before jumping into digital marketing, it is important to understand the difference between traditional and digital marketing. You must know the basics of digital marketing platforms, its principles and relatable ways. So, you will have a basic idea in mind before starting the journey of digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO): 

Understand the basics of Search Engine. Learn how it works and, how can you rank a website/blog on the top of Google and other search engine result page(SERP). It needs a lot of practice.

This takes in-depth knowledge of search engine ranking. You will need to keep yourself update with the algorithm updates and changes.

Social Media Marketing(SMM)

you can use the power of social media to promote a brand. Social media managers are in high demand nowadays. Social media management jobs include managing and maintaining official accounts, daily posting, content creation, running ad campaigns etc.

Companies hire full time and even part type social media managers to handle their social accounts. It would be more fun if you love social channels.

Facebook Advertisements

Facebook advertising is gaining much popularity. This is why the demand for Facebook advertisers in increasing in Pakistan as well. As you need to master the implementing and executing successful campaigns.

Understanding of user engagement and running effective ads can give desired results. The favourite part is you can get both small and big projects as you like.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is still a very popular domain of digital marketing. You can bring extra traffic to a website and generate good ROI through affiliate links.

Creating email campaigns and scheduling emails for clients can save a lot of time. Sometimes business owners hire an expert who can teach them these skills.

E-Commerce Marketing

Selling a product online seems easy. But it is not as easier as we think. It takes a lot of time for a brand to build a good and strong online presence. It also requires in-depth research of business competitors.

How do I get a job in digital marketing?

Jobs portal and platforms help you get a job in this field. The popular job portals like and list down numerous digital marketing field jobs.

It is important to build your portfolio and resume and send to the companies when you see jobs on these portals.

Fiverr and are also great platforms for freelancers, I would recommend you to start with a Fiverr because it is a good platform for startups.

Make Money Online with Digital Marketing

How do you gain experience in digital marketing?

Experience is important. So focus on doing internships, and working with small companies to gain experience in your field.

Start doing some small projects on Fiverr or Don’t think how much they are paying at the start. Just learn and gain experience. Then surely this experience will take your skills to the next level.

Start your career in Digital Marketing in Pakistan

As we discussed above digital marketing scope in Pakistan, The best thing about this field, you do not need any specific degree to master to get or enrol for this. If you have an interest and want to become an expert in this domain then YOU SURELY CAN. Because good results impress customers than good degrees in digital marketing.

I, myself have seen many people who became experts in digital marketing just with the hard work. Then, why not you?

How did I start?

The best advice from my side is to start learning today. It does not matter where you stand today because it is a field that doesn’t require any strong background.

Just focus on the idea that you have in mind. Then, start searching about it what you need for that. For example, if you are a traveller or fashionista and love to share it with people. Then, spend time learning Social media principles and tools.

You can find free digital marketing guides on the internet. Browse the internet, YouTube and get enough material as much as you can. Simply, you can also sign up for a digital marketing course to learn amazing skills.

Digital marketing is a field that is ever changing. I mean to say that in the digital world is always changing. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google changes or updates its features. So there is always room to learn something in this. So, if you start a career in this field then you must keep yourself updated.

Here I would recommend you to read this article about Top 6 Digital Marketing blogs that every business should bookmark.

No Previous Degree required

The best thing about this field, you do not need any specific degree to master to get or enrol for this. If you have an interest and want to become an expert in this domain then YOU SURELY CAN. Because good results impress customers than good degrees in digital marketing.

I, myself have seen many people who became experts in digital marketing just with the hard work. Then, why not you?

Explore and share knowledge

I like people who are linked with this field, are very open to sharing the experiences and knowledge with others on the internet. It is the best way to get an understanding of things. I would advise you to must read everything you find related to your domain and share your experience as well.

I also started my career as a freelancer. But I did internships and worked for companies in a very competitive environment. It helped me a lot in learning and understanding new techniques and applying new strategies.

If you want to get more understanding of this field, then you can also go for PPC, Facebook advertisements, growth hacking, web analytics, app marketing and more.

Find a Mentor/Trainer

Yes, finding a trainer is great. A mentor is your career trainer who will guide you and make you an expert in this field. You can learn a lot from your trainer, from his/her experiences. Most importantly, that trainer will help you to kick start your career and reach a goal.

For example, I myself is a digital marketing expert and help business to reach their goals. I also teach students and help them become experts in this field. This is why I have put up a detailed digital marketing course that helps people to learn each and everything about digital marketing and able them to achieve their goals.

Keep Move Forward

The last thing, NEVER EVER STOP Learning. This is the key to get success in any field. This is the only way to get more knowledge, practice new things and earn more money. With more experience and knowledge, you will have more opportunities.

Final Thoughts

First of all, sit back and analyze what you want to do, and do not think about the digital marketing scope, just think about the passion and interest in the field. Then, start searching for the thing you need. And remember one thing, don’t be too fast to learning some skills. Similarly, remember patience is required in digital marketing as well. Because you can’t learn any skill of digital marketing all at once. Start from learning the basics of digital marketing, the strategies and implementation. Then learn how to make things right when going wrong. Remember, the best digital marketers are committed, enthusiastic and result oriented.

In the read our article about how to become an expert digital marketer, this will give you more idea to get success in this growing market.

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