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How to Crack your First Digital Marketing Interview

So you just got a mail for an amazing digital marketing based job interview.

Now nervousness has taken over you. You start thinking about the outcomes & how’d your interview go? What questions would they ask you? & would you be able to answer them?

Well, its time to calm down because we are here to the rescue. We will guide you on “how to win that digital marketing job through an impactful interaction with the employers.

The criteria & scope of every job are different. So keeping them in consideration we have gathered a research-based most asked Questions & Answers set of Digital Marketing to help you ace the interview.

The below questions & answers is the ultimate solution.

So let’s proceed:

What do you know about digital marketing?

When you’re being questioned about your perspective on the term asked in the question. It’s safe to say that “marketing” is the central part of digital marketing. The only way to approach marketing objectives is through networking sites. Hence the explanation of this foundational fact of digital marketing will make you stand out from other applicants.

Why should be digital marketing preferred over traditional marketing?

It’s better to come up with more real-world & practical cases. For simplifying the understanding of the subject & its advantages during the discussion they’re beneficial.

Let’s take measurability for example.

There are higher chances of difficulty while measuring the sum of people. People who eyed the billboards on the streets. Meanwhile, social media platforms as Facebook & ads can simply measure & come up with an accurate quantity of audience.

However, as far as the communicative approach is concerned. There’re lead forms available that are just one click away. Instead of making the audience go to the specific page & fill forms manually. The lead forms let you know about who accesses to your content. To what extent they connect to your website. Furthermore, critical thinking will make you come up with other numerous examples to manifest the above advantages.

What is the SEO role in Digital Marketing?

Companies always refer to a candidate who has a practical approach in the work field. Over someone who has an only conceptual understanding. So if you’ve been a webmaster or blogger you can always choose to reveal the practical cases. The cases that brought you expected results, which is most probably the optimization of your webpages. Also, it makes higher chances for you to be the company’s go-to choice.

Define PPC & Its Role in Digital Marketing?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, which is another part of digital marketing. Whenever users click on an ad on the company’s website, a certain amount per ad generates income. That is transferred to the bank account of the owner. PPC is also referred to as CPC which stands for Cost-Per-Click. Moreover, Search Engine Advertising is the most approved way of online advertising through PPC/CPC.

Explain the Importance of Social Media in Digital Marketing?

When we get a call for an interview, most of us may go through the company’s social media accounts. To estimate their value in the industry. So that we can prepare for the interview. This is how networking sites play a vital role in digital marketing. There’re companies that are either ranking great due to better social networking. Or others who lost their value due to the low maintenance of their social media exposure.

Do you know what Email Marketing is?

Marketing through email is useful for all types of services & brands. Whether its to build customer loyalty & quantity or keep the current customers updated.

you can give real examples to demonstrate the value of email marketing. Such as the emails you receive from e-commerce websites related to releases of new features, services or products.

What is your experience with digital marketing?

Companies aren’t hiring men with qualities in every area of work. They’re specifically looking for SEO & Facebook advertising experts as well as people who have mastered unlimited pay-per-click winning strategies. So it’s important to keep specific skills & work to enhance it further.

There is a higher chance we will hire generalists. Because they’re critical thinkers, they’ve conveyable skills & are becoming important at the workplace.

What are Popular Digital Marketing Tools?

There are a few tools that have been liked & used for a long time. Actually, they help you achieve your marketing objectives in a very short period of time.

Here are they :

  • SEO Tools – Ahrefs, SEM Rush, Moz, SpyFu
  • Keyword Tools – Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest
  • Analytics Tools – Google Analytics, Kissmetrics
  • Email Campaigns – MailChimp, Aweber
  • Social Media Automation – HootSuite, Buffer
  • Content Idea Generating Tools – BuzzSumo, Google Trends
  • Graphic Designing Tools – Canvas

Pro tip:  always write what you’re capable of in your resume. For instance, your resume claims you’re SEO expert, they’re definitely going to question you about SEO and its critical rules.

Secondly, always have yourself prepared before attending an official interview. Do research on what you claim you’re capable of.

Lastly, if your interview is held for the basic level position at work, you won’t be asked any term with its details. But it’s better to have a broad understanding of the field.

What is the difference between SEO & SEM

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization while SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Whether it’s SEO or SEM, both are used to help rank website on Search Engine Results Pages.

There’s only one difference between SEO & SEM. SEO is known for ranking content through organic ways & marketing. While SEM is about buying paid ranking on the SERPs, also called Advertisement.

Additional Tips for Digital Marketing Interview

Tip 1 – Be Mindful & Attentive

While interacting with the interviewer be mindful & attentive. Think before uttering any words. Avoid using difficult terms because of most of the time. We have seen applicants who say technical words they’re not sure about the meanings. And they end up regretting.

Note that whatever you speak about will create a link to another similar topic for the interviewer. So never pretend & speak about things you’re not much knowledgeable about.

Honesty is a major aspect of winning at anything in life. So be honest to the interviewer whether you know the answer to their question or not. Show your enthusiasm & passion to explore new things in your favorite industry.

Tip 2 – Demonstrate Practical Experience

In the digital marketing field or any other field, it’s your handful of experience that makes you win over the position among all applicants. Either you have majored in the high followed course or you have a grip over vast knowledge. Your practical work on social media marketing, managing PPC & SEO will give you broad opportunities.

For instance, if you have a practical experience background in the field then it’s great to demonstrate it while being interviewed. Because it will support your theoretical understanding & mark your place.

Tip 3 – Online Exposure is Important

When you’re called for an interview always make sure to clear up your profile. Make it relevant according to your resume & what it claims. This is important because 70% of employers go through your online presence on social media platforms.

LinkedIn profile is a must-have when you’re looking for jobs. Make it relevant; update your resume & qualifications & hands-on experience.

For twitter, remove any posts that discriminate against anything or anyone specifically to avoid promoting a negative image.

Facebook should be kept on private than public because it contains most of your random posts & statuses. As it’s better late than never, follow these instructions accordingly.

Tip 4 – Do’s of Formal Digital Marketing Interview

Firstly, always be formal at digital marketing interviews. The traditional interviews are great to show your etiquette for professional life.

There are some rules that need to be followed. Your arrival should be on time. Secondly, the dress sense adds 50% of seriousness to your personality. So dress appropriately & accordingly. Always walk in with a soft smile on your face that reveals the positivity of your persona. The greeting should be led by a firm handshake and constant eye contact. Lastly, your seating posture enhances your seriousness for the opportunity you’re there for. So learn to sit with an attentive mind & willing to learn- attitude.

Most importantly never let anxiety or nervousness take over you. These opportunities cross your path for enhancing your skills. So let them come & achieve them with a positive attitude towards yourself & life.


The key to winning digital marketing interview is through honesty, being knowledgeable, good hold at communication skills.

You must read each tip & answers to questions to achieve your aim. Always be prepared & learn relevant information to be easily answerable to the employer.

However, if you still find yourself lost & cant comprehends the roots of the field & what we have discussed here.

You can enroll yourself in an online best online digital marketing course to practice your skills and go well prepared next time & win the job.

For now, we’re glad to land a helping hand & bring a positive change in your life. A change by giving instructions & meaningful tips, That can definitely lead you further success in your field of work. Last but not least you reviews matter.

Comment down below, share your positive job interview stories & motivate us!

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