5 Best Online Marketing Training Courses of 2020 in Karachi

Best Online Marketing Training Course of 2020 in Karachi

You can see a lot of online marketing training course in Karachi Pakistan and certifications programs available to learn online marketing techniques and strategies because no one of us can deny the power of online marketing in this modern world now.

Most businesses in Karachi Pakistan are looking for experienced online marketers who can build and promote their brands.

But their main focus is to create their Online marketing teams who can work specifically for them. So, Online marketing experts are high in demand in Karachi.

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The best thing is this many companies and institutes are offering several Online marketing training courses in Karachi.

Some institutes provide complete online marketing training course while some offer specialization in specific fields like Social media management, SEO etc. Additionally, most of the institutes provide certifications upon completion of the training course. But choosing the right institute can really make a big difference.

Choose the Right Online Marketing Training Course in Karachi

it is necessary to choose the right training course and the right institutes to get hands-on experience in Online marketing.

There are several institutes that are offering the best online marketing training courses in Karachi.

Here we have listed down top 5 institutes/ websites which are providing Best online marketing training course in Karachi.

Best Online Marketing Training Course of 2020 in Karachi #1:

Digital Technologist

The first training course which I would recommend you is my own Digital Technologist’s digital marketing course in Pakistan.

The online Complete & Best Online Marketing Training course by Digital Technologist is designed for everyone who wants to master the Online marketing field. Most importantly, It covers everything from basics to the latest techniques and strategies of Online marketing.

Digital Technologists is a well-renowned institute backed by the experienced Online marketing gurus who love to share their knowledge.

This Best Online Marketing Training Course covers 12 modules which are:

  1. Intro to Digital Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing Strategies
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Facebook Advertisement
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. Lead Generation Marketing
  7. Google Ads
  8. Online Display Advertisement
  9. Website Analytics – Google Analytics
  10. Email Marketing
  11. Google Tag Manager
  12. Complete Guide To Re-targeting Ads

Digital Technologist offers also one separate Social Media Marketing Course in Karachi for those who just want to make their career in Social media advertisements.

Some of the Training Course features are mentioned below so you can easily know about it.

  • Course Structure: firstly, this course is 100% ONLINE with live training and classes via Goto meeting software.
  • Immersive course material and practice: above all, industry experienced gurus provides complete material practice and online training and practice.
  • Affordable course price: Most noteworthy, this course is affordable as they are offering the training by Online marketing gurus. So you are investing in yourself.

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Hundreds of people get trained by this course so far and got their Digital marketing training course certification. You will get one certificate for one Complete Course.

For More Information our Visit Page: Digital Marketing Course in Karachi

Therefore, you will be called an Online Marketing Expert. Amazing!

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Best Online Marketing Training Course in Karachi Best Online Marketing Training Course in Karachi Best Online Marketing Training Course in Karachi

There are other four best online marketing training course in Karachi are listed below.

Best Online Marketing Training Course in Karachi # 2:

IDM Pakistan

IDM Pakistan is an exclusive best online marketing training course program. They offer a single course- Advanced online Marketing Training  Certification Course which consists of 16 modules. The course duration is 5 months in which they cover complete online marketing. This course covers:

  1. Marketing overview & Planning
  2. SEO, PPC & Google ads
  3. SMM & Store optimization
  4. Display & emails marketing
  5. Lead generation & sales funnel
  6. E-commerce and affiliate marketing

IDM Pakistan has trained many students and closed 52 batches so far. They are a team of team 6 online marketing practitioners having great experience in their fields.

Therefore, this training course is created for professionals, job seekers and entrepreneurs. So this course is for everyone who wants to learn online marketing.  

However, pricing is not mentioned on their website. You can get more details about the course or pricing from IDM Pakistan Team.

Best Online Marketing Training Course in Karachi # 3:

Omni Academy

Omni academy is another leading training academy in Karachi. It is founded in 2009 under MHSG Consulting.

They are Oracle business partners and offer a range of consulting and online marketing training courses in Karachi.

Their main training course is Online Marketing Certified Expert course which comprises of 8 modules.

Training Module

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing & Online Marketing
  2. Search Marketing
  3. Understanding PPC
  4. Digital Display Advertising
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Mobile Marketing – Mobile Apps, PPC
  8. Google Analytics

This 3 months course fee is Rs. 40,000 (they are offering a discount right now and the discounted price is Rs. 30,000). In addition, they offer a flexible class schedule with weekend classes for professionals.

Apart from this, Omni Academy also offers a diploma in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing for businesses, Digital Marketing Boost camp and other courses. Additionally, they also offer courses and diplomas related to banking, finance, network & system administration, information security and more.

Best Online Marketing Training Course in Karachi # 4:


DigiDoza is one of the first training institutes that started a complete Best online marketing Training course in Karachi.

They offer basic best online marketing training course and 6 advance online marketing courses. Muhammad Kabir Khan is a mentor at DigiDoze who has 17+ year experience in online marketing. 

He has trained 700+ students, delegates or professionals.

Their Basic online Marketing Training Course is a 3-month program that covers online marketing fundamentals. The registration fee for this course is Rs. 2,000/- and fee for weekday course is 4,999/- per month.

But if choose weekend classes then it would be Rs. 6,999 per month. Simply, you can calculate the total cost fee of 3 months and adding registration fee as well.

Aside from this basic training course, they also offer 6 advanced training courses:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Google AdWords-PPC
  3. Content writing
  4. Google analytics
  5. SEO
  6. English course

Similar, these advanced courses are created to master one specific field. Each course is a 2-month program. At the same time, DigiDoze also offers to cooperate in training and workshop. You can get more details from their website.

Best Online Marketing Training Course in Karachi # 5:

Nexron Agency

Nexron is an online marketing agency that offers online marketing, social media marketing and SEO services. Primarily, they also offer Online Marketing Diploma Program. This course is all in one course for beginners and professionals as well. The course duration is 3 months and usually, classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (2 hours each day). The price of the entire program is Rs. 15, 000.

Their USPs include:

  • 13 Modules covering in one course
  • class lessons, lab works and practices
  • online classes for out of city/international students
  • Special weekend classes for professionals
  • Top students will get an internship opportunity
  • Early registrations will get a 25% discount

However, the course fee may vary depending on the time of registration. Furthermore, they do not offer any discounts or courses. They don’t have any instalment option too.

So, read the complete details on their website or by contacting their team.

Final Thoughts

Doing an online best digital marketing course in Karachi is one the way to learn basics and advanced techniques. I must say learning online marketing is not so difficult.

You can master online marketing field in online course/classes if you choose the online best online marketing course in Karachi.

Complete Best Digital Marketing Course by Digital Technologists is perfect for everyone. Most importantly, this course is affordable and the best thing is you are investing in yourself. So you will get a reward when start earning from your learning.

Digital technologist does not encourage students to learn and start their career in digital marketing. But also polish their practical skills so they can get secure good jobs in online marketing. Already hundreds of students have got trained by online Training. Many of them started their own small step up and some are earning a decent amount by freelancing.

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