Digital Marketing Interview

How to Crack your First Digital Marketing Interview

So you just got a mail for an amazing digital marketing based job interview.

Now nervousness has taken over you. You start thinking about the outcomes & how’d your interview go? What questions would they ask you? & would you be able to answer them?

Well, its time to calm down because we are here to the rescue. We will guide you on “how to win that digital marketing job through an impactful interaction with the employers.

The criteria &

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Google Certification

8 Reasons Why you Should be Google Certified

If you’re planning to advertise your product and services through Google Ads platform, having Google Certification can make your results profitable because google certification is a minimum testing tool of your knowledge about Google Ads.

Companies are most likely to accept those as their employee, who has the ability to advertise efficiently on Google Ads. 

Those who have got the passion & potential to learn new trends & techniques to become professionals of Ads & Analytics. Well, including these few

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Complete Guide – How to Start your Career in Freelancing

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a self-employed job. Such as the freedom of choosing deadlines, controlling the workload and unlimited money earning opportunities.

Moreover, these advantages directly attract people, who are fed up of working for 9 am to 5 pm stressful jobs & unfriendly environment just to get paid a fixed salary for years.

A freelancer offers services he has majored in & charges for it right after submitting the project. Freelancer doesn’t work permanently for one single client.

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Best Digital Marketing Tips

Digital Marketing Tips in 2019 to Grow Small Businesses in Pakistan

Best Digital Marketing Tips in 2019 

These Best Digital Marketing tips are going to be very fruitful for small business in Pakistan because digital marketing for small business is a very lucrative word for them in Pakistan.

I Know many small businesses in Pakistan cannot afford to hire the Digital marketing specialists to keep up with all the latest best digital marketing tips.

But you don’t need to worry about it because this article will focus on the most beneficial

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5 Best Online Marketing Training Courses of 2019 in Karachi

Best Online Marketing Training Course of 2019 in Karachi

You can see a lot of online marketing training course in Karachi Pakistan and certifications programs available to learn online marketing techniques and strategies because no one of us can deny the power of online marketing in this modern world now.

Most businesses in Karachi Pakistan are looking for experienced online marketers who can build and promote their brands.

But their main focus is to create their Online marketing teams who

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Make Money Online in Pakistan with Digital Marketing

Make Money Online in Pakistan with Digital Marketing in 2019

How to Make Money Online in Pakistan with Digital Marketing?

Before discussing how we can make money online in Pakistan with digital marketing?

My sincere advice is that you will get thousands of answers and suggestions in Pakistan to make money online, as a growing nation we always looking to get the formula to be the millionaire in one night, what we discussed these ways does not make you the millionaire  in a single night, once you developed the skills

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Complete Online Digital Marketing Course in Karachi Pakistan from Scratch to Advance

The best & Complete Online digital marketing course in Karachi Pakistan

Are you searching for a complete online digital marketing course in Karachi to become a Digital Marketing Professional?

Then you’re in the right place because digital Technologists offers complete online digital marketing course for Professionals and Beginners in Karachi.

We help you to enhance your skills and business with the latest digital marketing techniques using social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and more! so then you can

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Social Media Marketing Course in Pakistan

Social Media Marketing Course in Pakistan

Social Media Marketing Course in Pakistan

Want to know about online social media marketing in Pakistan? Looking to step up your marketing game? If so, then look no further. Because online social media marketing course in Pakistan by Digital Technologist is the best and comprehensive course for you.

The point of difference is that we are not only offering social media marketing course but a complete training so you can learn and practice the best techniques and strategies at the

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SEO Tips for Small Businesses in Pakistan

Quick SEO Tips in 2019 for Small Businesses in Pakistan

Quick Seo Tips in 2019 for Small Businesses in Pakistan

These Seo tips for small businesses in Pakistan, SEO is not rocket science, in this guide, we have shared all SEO tips and tricks that should need to be taken as startups from the basic to advance.

In Pakistan, we have seen many small businesses don’t focus on SEO strategies because it takes time to give you the results but indeed SEO is inevitable for your website, we can not

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Online Digital Marketing Course for Beginner

Digital Marketing Course for Beginners in Karachi Pakistan

Digital Marketing Course for Beginners in Karachi Pakistan

Our 3 Weeks Online Digital Marketing Course for Beginners takes you through the most important parts you need to understand about Digital Marketing and why you should be starting your career in Digital Marketing.

Start your Online Digital Marketing journey today. Digital marketing skills are highly in demand in Karachi and across Pakistan because the use of the internet is increasing.

If I would say online digital marketing is offering 10 times

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